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Artist Statement

What’s in a mark? The process of painting lends itself to placing a trace or mark on the canvas and then reacting to that. As a process, I begin with a structure. The structure is a gestural grid that continues to be layered. There are no direct representational images in mind when I begin a painting, just the experience of placing marks on a page. I see painting as mark making, where my drawings become meshed into paintings. No longer in my mind is there a separation between the two. I am simply leaving a mark on the canvas.
I am constantly thinking about how a trace is a mark left behind by something that has passed. Upon closer inspection, there is immediacy in my work as seen through rubbings, printing and using textural elements. I think of these marks as a memory of what was used in making the marks, but not literally having the mark-maker in the piece itself. However, string has become that mark-maker which is directly referred to on the canvas, or indirectly through the string’s own path. Instead of simply making the mark in my paintings through a gestural line, the string has become that lyrical line that I can physically move around and leave it’s trace imbedded in the surface forever.

acrylic, rope and string on linen
31" x 43"
Works on paper
ink, acrylic and string on paper
39" x 55"
Crimson of Night
oil on linen
12" x 12"
Gestural marks painted on paper
ink, flashe, and acrylic on paper
54" x 58"
My Date with DeKooning
oil on linen
13" x 13"
Works on paper
ink, acrylic, latex paint, oil pastel and flashe on paper
72" x 96"
Mixed-media painting
oil, enamel and string on canvas
16" x 16"
charcoal, acrylic and sand on stretched paper
43" x 45"
Aboriginal Rhythm
ink, acrylic and rope on linen
54" x 66"
Ropeless Abstraction
oil, enamel, and sand on canvas
68" x 80"
Chromatic Turbulence
oil, string, sand and enamel on canvas
16" x 16"
oil and string on canvas
16" x 16"
Wintery Negotiation
oil on linen
10' x 10"
Jackson on my mind
ink on linen
56" x 58"
Red Iron Oxide Tangle
string, acrylic, and paper on canvas
16" x 16"
acrylic and ink on linen
44.5" x 48.5"
Exuding Petals
oil, acrylic and string on canvas
16" x 16"
Black and Gold
ink and acrylic on paper
53.5" x 120"
Gold and Ultramarine Tangle
acrylic, oil, enamel, string and muslin on canvas
16" x 16"
Mixed-media painting
Latex, sand, rope and oil on canvas
67" x 79"